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Pipe Extrusion Lines

Our Pipe Extrusion Lines with the best-in-class Single Screw and Twin Screw technology cater to the PE, PP, CPVC, UPVC and HDPE segments. We offer an extensive range of pipe diameters for agriculture, drip irrigation and potable drinking water solutions.

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Latest generation high speed single screw extruder for PE/ PP pipes

Agile Series – PE/PP Pipe Extrusion Lines

Windsor Machines’ Agile Series is truly next generation. Capable of high speed output ranges and crafted for long-life, the lines offer superior quality in PE/PP pipe extrusion. The extruders have grooved feed design and are coated with Tungsten Carbide for higher wear-resistance.

high speed single screw extruder for PE/ PP pipes
Agile Application

Key Features

  • Output Range: 400 – 850 kgs/hr.
  • Screw Diameter: 45 mm & 60 mm
  • L/D Ratio: 40:1
  • Post extrusion equipment to suit pipe size range OD from 32 mm to 800 mm
  • Production line speed up to 30 mtr/min.
  • High speed coiler for pipe size range OD 16 – 63 mm & 63 – 125 mm
  • Energy consumption 0.22 – 0.23 units/kg for extruder
  • Gearless Drive Technology (without gear box)
  • Chipless cutter as option

Extruder Specifications

Screw Diametermm45607590
L : D Ratio40404040
Main MotorkW125200315450
Max. OutputKg/hr480-530750-8001150-12001650-1700

Die Heads | Polyolefin Processing (PE / PPR)

* Spiral Mandrel Die Head

Most versatile Spiral Mandrel Design Advantages

  • Improved inner pipe surfaces
  • Short purging time
  • Optimized back pressure allows a balance of compression & melt temperature control
  • Uniform melt flow can be achieved yielding minimum wall thickness deviation
  • WINDSOR MACHINES spiral die is versatile by design which enables PE, PPR, ABS processability only by changing the toolings
  • Possibility with high speed design upto 30 mtr/minute line speed for smaller pipe size 20 – 40mm

Single Pipe Die Head Specifications

ModelsSM 50SM 200SM 250SM 450SM 630SM 800
Pipe Rangemm12-5020-20063-25090-450225-630315-800
Output Capacity up to**Kg/hr200500800100012001500
Internal Pipe CoolingN.AN.AIPCIPCIPCIPC

Multiple Pipe Die Head with Single Downstream Equipment

Twin Die

Dual Pipe Die Head Specifications

ModelsTDSM 50TDSM 200
Pipe Rangemm12-5020-200
No. of Layers11
Output Capacity up to**Kg/hr4001000

** Pipe output depending on pipe size.

Dual Pipe Head Die with Dual Downstream Equipment

Spiral Mandrel Design with IPC

Co-extrusion Pipe Die Heads Specifications

ModelsCSM 50CSM 50/RCSM 110CSM 110/RCSM 110 HVTSM 110TSM 110 HVTSM 250*TSM 450*
Pipe Rangemm12-5012-5020-11020-11020-11020-11020-11020-11090-450
Outer Thickness
Range up to%
No. of Layers222223333
Output Capacity up to**Kg/hr200200350350450240400550900* In common down stream equipment.

** Pipe output depending on pipe size and material recipe.
* Die head suitable for PPR

Calibrating System | Vacuum & Pressure

VST 630 with optional feature of ultrasonic sensor to measure pipe wall thickness

Vacuum Sizing Tanks

  • Intensive cooling provided to ensure high production rate
  • Self cleaning spray nozzle
  • Accurate vacuum control, water level control & temperature control
  • Two vacuum chambers and motorized axial movement provided from VST-250 and above for quick startup and less wastage
  • Manual slide rail arrangement for Axial and Transverse movement of the tank
  • Dual vacuum spray tanks on common frame for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Imported filters for online cleaning
  • Air operated solenoid valves optionally
  • Cyclone separator for vacuum optionally
  • Aluminium cast lids

Dual Pipe Downstream Equipment

Vacuum Sizing Tank Specifications

ModelsVST 110*VST 110 HSVST 200*VST 250VST 315VST 450VST 630
Pipe Rangemm16-11016-11020-20050-25050-31575-450110-630
Cooling Lengthmtr4/6/896/86/86/86/88
No. of Chambers1212222

*Dual models are also available
Optional : Stainless steel tanks / 8 mtrs. length / dual models available.
Pressure sizing tanks and extension cooling tanks for above sizes available

Haul-off Units

Traction Unit

  • Up to 8 track to suit pipe diameters
  • Different line speeds can be changed through change of sprockets (on request)
  • Track adjustment by pneumatic control
  • Direct drive offered for selected models
  • Counter balance pressure to balance track weight for thin pipes
  • Encoder for length measurement & feed back arrangement offered optionally
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance of all components
  • Dual twin-track traction units for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Servo design (Optional)
  • Thick ‒ Thin provision (Optional)

Tube Traction Unit Model Specifications

ModelsTTU 32TTU 110TTU 200TTU 250TTU 250/4TTU 315/4TTU 450/4RA 630/6ERA 630/8ERA 800/8E
Pipe Rangemmup to 3216-11020-20050-25063-25063-31575-450110-630250-630160*-800
No. of TracksNos.2222444688
Max. Line SpeedMtrs./Min.120151515710764.54.5
Contact Lengthmm70080012001600120012001600145014501800
Drive OptionServo Elec.Servo Elec. / StdServo Elec. / StdServo Elec. / StdServo Elec. / StdServo Elec. / StdServo Elec.Servo Elec.Servo Elec.Servo Elec.

Models with higher line speeds & wider speed range available on request.
Minimum Line speed upto 1% of maximum speed (optional features).
Higher sizes available on request.
* Pipe range of 160 with four tracks only.
** Servo and non servo drive and motor from preferably Lenze-Germany available as option
** Thick & Thin device available as option

Cutting Unit

Tube Cutting Unit (TCU)

  • Carbide tipped circular saw for longer life
  • Pneumatically operated carriage movement
  • Clamping force adjustable depending upon the
    wall-thickness of the pipe
  • Maintenance free Top clamping
  • Swarf removal system (optional)
  • Trolley movement on linear motion bearings
  • Special guillotine designed cutter for PPR pipes
  • Dual cutter for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Digital counter to measure length
  • PLC based controls available (optional)
ModelsHSC 110HSC 200TCU 250TCU 315HSC 110/2HSC 200/2
Pipe Rangemm20-11020-20050-25090-31520-11020-200
Cutting Speed (Max.)Mtrs/Min.20121062012
Clamping FromTopTopTopSide / TopTopTop


Chipless Cutter Specifications

ModelsSLEEC 110SLEEC 200SLEEC 450SLEEC 630
Pipe Rangemm16-11063-200110-450200-630
Line Speed (Max.)Mtrs/Min.251255
Max. Pipe Thicknessmm20286080

*High line speed cutter available on request
*For PE or PPR Pipes

Coiling Unit

  • Two station coiler with pneumatic collapsing arms
  • Suitable for pipe size up to 125 mm
  • Online tension adjustment achieved through tension control
  • Pneumatic pipe end retaining device provided to prevent loosening of the coil
  • Auto traversing with servo and non servo drive available
  • A. C. Drive
  • Single station coiler available on request

Coilers Specifications

ModelsPC – 32/2PC – 63/2 EPC – 63/2 HDPC – 125/1
No. of Wind up Stations2221
Pipe Rangemm12-3216-6316-6363-125
Line Speed Max.Mtrs/Min.80-12015/3015/3010
HDPE Agile 45
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