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Twin Screw Pipe Extrusion Machine | UPVC

Windsor Machines offers KTS Series ‒ Twin screw pipe extrusion lines for UPVC. UPVC is a heat sensitive material and necessitates controlled temperatures during processing. Twin Screw extruders are more energy efficient in comparison to single screw and are best suited for UPVC extrusion. Known for excellent power optimization, Windsor Machines KTS Series twin screw extruders come in the output  ranges starting from 110 kg/hr up to 1500 kg/hr.

KTS UPVC - Application
KTS UPVC - Application
KTS UPVC - Application
KTS UPVC - Application
  • Minimizes energy inputs
  • Facilitates Uniform pumping
  • Two piece barrel construction
    (a) Front barrel with HSS sleeve offered for selected models, minimizes wear & tear
    (b) Economic replacement option
  • PLC controls as standard
  • Tungstun carbide coating on twin screws for high wear resistance (optional)
Extruder Specification:
ModelsKTS 110KTS 170KTS 200KTS 250KTS 350KTS 450KTS 550KTS 700KTS 900KTS
Screw Diametermm5265656571919191110135
Screw Speedrpm5-504-455-535-535-534-404-404-403-323-26
L/D Ratio20:118:118:122:128:122:125:128:128:128:1
Main MotorkW111522223045567590160
Max. Outputkg/hr100-110150-170180-200230-250330-350420-450520-550650-700850-9001300-1500
Pipe Range (Single Die)mm20-11020-20020-20063-250110-315110-400110-400160-400160-400250-630
Pipe Range (Twin Die)mm19-5019-5019-5020-11020-11020-11063-20063-20090-200110-250

* KTS 450 & above with European Gear box.

Die Head | PVC Processing
*Spiral Mandrel Die Head

Windsor Machines offers spider dies right up to 630 mm dia with single head, dual head and quadruple head.Die head with trolley for P-200 and above models for easy movement

  • High volume low pressure design ensures wider thickness range
  • Uniform melt distribution throughout the entire pipe circumference
  • Twin die heads for higher outputs in smaller diameters
  • Dual die with dual downstream for pipe sizes 20-110 mm & 63-200 mm
  • Extruders utilization from 80-100% even with smaller pipes
Single Head Die Specifications
ModelsP 63P 110P110HVP200 LVP 200P 250P 315P 400P 630
Pipe Rangemm20-6320-11020-11063-20063-20090-250110-315160-400250-630
Output Capacity up to**Kg/hr1002002502503204255507001000
Dual Pipe Downstream Equipment
Spiral Mandrel Design with IPC
Vacuum Sizing Tank Specifications
ModelsVST 110*VST 110 HSVST 200*VST 250VST 315VST 450VST 630
Pipe Rangemm16-11016-11020-20050-25050-31575-450110-630
Cooling Lengthmtr4/6/896/86/86/86/88
No. of Chambers1212222

*Dual models are also available
Optional : Stainless steel tanks / 8 mtrs. length / dual models available.
Pressure sizing tanks and extension cooling tanks for above sizes available

Calibrating System | Vacuum & Pressure
Calibrating System

VST 630 with optional feature of ultrasonic sensor to measure pipe wall thickness

Vacuum Sizing Tanks
  • Intensive cooling provided to ensure high production rate
  • Self cleaning spray nozzle
  • Accurate vacuum control, water level control & temperature control
  • Two vacuum chambers and motorized axial movement provided from VST-250 and above for quick startup and less wastage
  • Manual slide rail arrangement for Axial and Transverse movement of the tank
  • Dual vacuum spray tanks on common frame for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Imported filters for online cleaning
  • Air operated solenoid valves optionally
  • Cyclone separator for vacuum optionally
  • Aluminium cast lids
Haul-off Units
PVC Pipe manufacturing plant
Haul-off Units
Traction Unit
  • Up to 8 track to suit pipe diameters
  • Different line speeds can be changed through change of sprockets (on request)
  • Track adjustment by pneumatic control
  • Direct drive offered for selected models
  • Counter balance pressure to balance track weight for thin pipes
  • Encoder for length measurement & feed back arrangement offered optionally
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance of all components
  • Dual twin-track traction units for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Servo design (Optional)
  • Thick ‒ Thin provision (Optional)
Tube Traction Unit Model Specifications
ModelsTTU 32TTU 110TTU 200TTU 250TTU 250/4TTU 315/4TTU 450/4RA 630/6ERA 630/8ERA 800/8E
Pipe Rangemmup to 3216-11020-20050-25063-25063-31575-450110-630250-630160*-800
No. of TracksNos.2222444688
Max. Line SpeedMtrs./Min.120151515710764.54.5
Contact Lengthmm70080012001600120012001600145014501800
Drive OptionServo Elec.Servo Elec. / StdServo Elec. / StdServo Elec. / StdServo Elec. / StdServo Elec. / StdServo Elec.Servo Elec.Servo Elec.Servo Elec.

Models with higher line speeds & wider speed range available on request.
Minimum Line speed upto 1% of maximum speed (optional features).
Higher sizes available on request.
* Pipe range of 160 with four tracks only.
** Servo and non servo drive and motor from preferably Lenze-Germany available as option
** Thick & Thin device available as option

Planetary Cutting Unit
Planetary Cutting Unit
Planetary Cutting Unit (PCU)
  • Online chamfering preferred for pipe diameter range 110-800 mm
  • Suction blower for swarf removal
  • Universal Clamping system
  • Self centering design
  • With inbuilt battery backup
Planetary Cutting Unit Specifications
ModelsRS 25 PZRS 40 PZRS 80 PZ
Pipe Rangemm50-25075-400110-800
Cutting Speed (Max.)Mtrs/Min.1074
Clamping SystemUniversalUniversalUniversal

*For PVC pipes with RR joint

Coiling Unit
Conical Twin Screw Extrusion Line | CPVC

Windsor Machines offers CTS 63 – the new generation Conical Twin Screw Pipe extrusion lines for CPVC. Twin Screw extruders are more energy efficient in comparison to single screw and are best suited for CPVC extrusion. With excellence in power optimization, Windsor Machines’ most modern CTS 63 Conical twin screw extruders come in output ranges of 200 kg/hr to 220 kg/hr.

Key Features
  • Versatile design
  • Imported screw-barrel set and gear box from Germany
  • Triple chrome plated Die
  • Twin Die with extruder capacity 300 kg/hr for small sizes
General Applications
  • Best suited for extreme climatic conditions
  • Hot & Cold water distribution systems
  • Industrial fluids transportation pipe lines
  • Water & waste-water treatment plants
  • Chemical transportation pipe lines
Conical Extruder Specifications
ModelsCTS 63
Screw Diametermm63/130
Screw Lengthmm1426
Main MotorkW37
Max. Output CPVCKg/hr200 – 220
Max. Output UPVC*Kg/hr310 – 340

* Advisable with change of screw pair

Vacuum Sizing Tank Specifications
ModelsVST CON 63
Pipe Rangemm12-63
Cooling Lengthmm6000
No. of Chambers2
Die Head Specifications
ModelsTDH 63 C
Pipe Rangemm12-63
Output Capacity up toKg/hr250
Center Distance**mm260

** Pipe output depending on pipe size and material recipe.

Traction & Cutter Unit Specifications
ModelsDTC 63
Pipe Rangemm12-63
Contact Lengthmm850
No. of Track2X2
Clamping FromTop