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KL Series

KL Series

350 to 8000 Ton

KL 350-8000 T
KL – 2C

Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine

KL series Two Platen Injection Moulding Machines are globally renowned for enhanced reliability, higher machine up-time and greater productivity. The latest generation ‘KL Series’ machines have patented technologies, providing the most advanced ‘Two-platen technology’ to the world.

The tie bars are made free with the innovative ‘Tie Bar Regulation Mechanism’ and need no guiding in moving platen, eliminating the need for lubrication. The nut locking mechanism inertia is reduced, lowering the energy consumption.

The mechanism is synchronized with the innovative‘Jaw Clamping System’which eliminates the banging of nuts on tie bars.

The platens are designed and verified by static analysis in different platen sections considering the minimum mold size and maximum clamping force.

The machines are available in two drive mechanism options – Servo – VDP – VDP/VFD.

KL series ranges from 350 to 8000 ton clamping force capacity.

KL Series - Application
KL Series - Application
KL Series - Application
KL Series - Application
KL Series - Application
Key Features:
  • Patented jaw clamping system
  • Free and short tie bar
  • High Productivity and Energy Efficiency
  • Advanced Control System
  • High performance two platen clamp design
  • Innovative tie bar regulation mechanism
  • Enhanced mould life and machine reliability
  • Less energy consumption by upto 60% due to advanced servo system
  • Larger mould weight carrying capacity
  • Lesser dry cycle time
  • Smaller footprint
General Applications:
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Furniture
  • White Goods