Sprint 2C

Sprint - 2C

100 - 800 Ton

Sprint 100-800 T
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Sprint – 2C
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Hydro-Mechanical Injection Moulding Machines

Sprint 2C series of Hydro-Mechanical Injection Moulding Machines are based on the Hydro-Mechanical concept and are a perfect balance of performance and robustness derived through design configuration and performance matrices.

Sprint 2C series is characterized by robust performance, lesser oil requirement, larger daylight, higher energy efficiency, greater productivity.

Automatic mold height adjustment reduces mold change time. Short stroke locking cylinder ensures lesser oil requirement and hence lesser energy consumption.

Sprint 2C series machines are available with VDP technology as a standard feature. SERVO – VDP – VDP/ VFD system is also available as an optional feature.

Sprint 2 color machines are available in Head Mixing and Barrel Mixing versions to help produce various patterns. Sprint 2C series ranges from 100 to 800 ton clamping force capacity.

Sprint-2C - Application
Sprint-2C - Application
Key Features:
  • Fast operation, reliability and high repeatability
  • No platen deflection even with high injection pressure
  • Barrier screws for superior melt quality
  • Individual control of Injection units to get flexibility in color patterns
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Quick response
  • Advanced control system
General Applications:
  • 2 Color Components