Speed Series

Single Screw Extruders - PE / PP Pipe Extrusion Lines

Single Screw Pipe Extrusion Line

The Speed Series is Windsor’s highly energy efficient single screw pipe extrusion line for HDPE & PPR. With best in class single screw technology, we offer extrusion lines with output range of 60-850 Kg/hr.

Speed Series Application
Speed Series Application
Speed Series Application
Speed Series Application
Features and Advantages:
  • 4th generation energy-efficient extruder
  • Proven European technology; ensures excellent linearity of specific output
  • L/D ratio of 37 : 1 for excellent melt homogeneity
  • 330 kg/hr pipe output with 45 mm Extruder
  • Versatile screw designed for PE & PP Random Copolymer
  • Direct coupled design ensures minimum transmission loss
  • Wear-resistant coating guarantees long screw life at high rpm
  • Grooved feed design Extruder
Extruder Specification:
Models UnitSpeed 45-22Speed 45-45Speed 45-55Speed 45-75Speed 45-90Speed 60-110Speed 60-132Speed 75-200Speed 75-250
Screw Diametermm454545454560607575
L : D Ratio37:137:137:137:137:137:137:137:137:1
Main MotorkW2245557590110132200250
Max. Outputkg/hr60-80140-160180-190220-240300-330380-400500-550650-700800-850
Single Screw Extruders | LX Series
Jockey Extruder
  • Understanding extrusion market requirements thoroughly, Windsor Machines extruders take lead in technical superiority
  • The screw and barrel are designed and developed to match specific raw material and end product requirement by simulation software
  • We offer barrier screws yielding improved output rate, low melt  temperature and improved melt quality
Only Bare Extruders for following applications
  • Soft PVC tubing for medical applications
  • Soft PVC garden hose
  • Suction hose pipes
  • HDPE/PP corrugated pipes
  • PP tubes for automobiles
  • PU tubes for pneumatic pipes
  • Cable coating
  • Nylon tubing for medical application
Plain Barrel Extruder Specifications
Models UnitLX 18*LX 25*LX 40LX 50LX 65LX 75
Screw Diametermm182540506575
L/D Ratio20:124:126:126:126:126:1
Main MotorkW0.753.757.5153037.5
Max. Throughput (HDPE)Kg/hr1.5-25-618-2036-4090-100120-130
Die Heads | Polyolefin Processing (PE / PPR)
*Spiral Mandrel Die Head
Most versatile Spiral Mandrel Design Advantages
  • Improved inner pipe surfaces
  • Short purging time
  • Optimized back pressure allows a balance of compression & melt temperature control
  • Uniform melt flow can be achieved yielding minimum wall thickness deviation
  • WINDSOR MACHINES spiral die is versatile by design which enables PE, PPR, ABS processability only by changing the toolings
  • Possibility with high speed design upto 30 mtr/minute line speed for smaller pipe size 20 – 40mm
Single Pipe Die Head Specifications
Models UnitSM 50SM 200SM 250SM 450SM 630SM 800
Pipe Rangemm12-5020-20063-25090-450225-630315-800
Output Capacity up to**Kg/hr200500800100012001500
Internal Pipe CoolingN.AN.AIPCIPCIPCIPC
Multiple Pipe Die Head with Single Downstream Equipment
Twin Die
Dual Pipe Die Head Specifications
ModelsUnitTDSM 50TDSM 200
Pipe Rangemm12-5020-200
No. of Layers11
Output Capacity up to**Kg/hr4001000

** Pipe output depending on pipe size.

Dual Pipe Head Die with Dual Downstream Equipment
Spiral Mandrel Design with IPC
Co-extrusion Pipe Die Heads Specifications
Models UnitCSM 50CSM 50/RCSM 110CSM 110/RCSM 110 HVTSM 110TSM 110 HVTSM 250*TSM 450*
Pipe Rangemm12-5012-5020-11020-11020-11020-11020-11020-11090-450
Outer Thickness
Range up to%
No. of Layers222223333
Output Capacity up to**Kg/hr200200350350450240400550900* In common down stream equipment.

** Pipe output depending on pipe size and material recipe.
* Die head suitable for PPR

Calibrating System | Vacuum & Pressure
Calibrating System

VST 630 with optional feature of ultrasonic sensor to measure pipe wall thickness

Vacuum Sizing Tanks
  • Intensive cooling provided to ensure high production rate
  • Self cleaning spray nozzle
  • Accurate vacuum control, water level control & temperature control
  • Two vacuum chambers and motorized axial movement provided from VST-250 and above for quick startup and less wastage
  • Manual slide rail arrangement for Axial and Transverse movement of the tank
  • Dual vacuum spray tanks on common frame for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Imported filters for online cleaning
  • Air operated solenoid valves optionally
  • Cyclone separator for vacuum optionally
  • Aluminium cast lids
Haul-off Units
PVC Pipe manufacturing plant
Haul-off Units
Traction Unit
  • Up to 8 track to suit pipe diameters
  • Different line speeds can be changed through change of sprockets (on request)
  • Track adjustment by pneumatic control
  • Direct drive offered for selected models
  • Counter balance pressure to balance track weight for thin pipes
  • Encoder for length measurement & feed back arrangement offered optionally
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance of all components
  • Dual twin-track traction units for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Servo design (Optional)
  • Thick ‒ Thin provision (Optional)
Tube Traction Unit Model Specifications

Models with higher line speeds & wider speed range available on request.
Minimum Line speed upto 1% of maximum speed (optional features).
Higher sizes available on request.
* Pipe range of 160 with four tracks only.
** Servo and non servo drive and motor from preferably Lenze-Germany available as option
** Thick & Thin device available as option

Cutting Unit
Cutting Unit
Tube Cutting Unit (TCU)
  • Carbide tipped circular saw for longer life
  • Pneumatically operated carriage movement
  • Clamping force adjustable depending upon the
    wall-thickness of the pipe
  • Maintenance free Top clamping
  • Swarf removal system (optional)
  • Trolley movement on linear motion bearings
  • Special guillotine designed cutter for PPR pipes
  • Dual cutter for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Digital counter to measure length
  • PLC based controls available (optional)
ModelsUnitHSC 110HSC 200TCU 250TCU 315HSC 110/2HSC 200/2
Pipe Rangemm20-11020-20050-25090-31520-11020-200
Cutting Speed (Max.)Mtrs/Min.20121062012
Clamping FromTopTopTopSide / TopTopTop
Chipless Cutter Specifications
Chipless Cutter Specifications
Models UnitSLEEC 110SLEEC 200SLEEC 450SLEEC 630
Pipe Rangemm16-11063-200110-450200-630
Line Speed (Max.)Mtrs/Min.251255
Max. Pipe Thicknessmm20286080

*High line speed cutter available on request
*For PE or PPR Pipes

Coiling Unit
Coiling Unit
  • Two station coiler with pneumatic collapsing arms
  • Suitable for pipe size up to 125 mm
  • Online tension adjustment achieved through tension control
  • Pneumatic pipe end retaining device provided to prevent loosening of the coil
  • Auto traversing with servo and non servo drive available
  • A. C. Drive
  • Single station coiler available on request
Coilers Specifications
ModelsUnitPC – 32/2PC – 63/2 EPC – 63/2 HDPC – 125/1
No. of Wind up Stations2221
Pipe Rangemm12-3216-6316-6363-125
Line Speed Max.Mtrs/Min.80-12015/3015/3010